Demystifying and inspiring civic engagement: Kim Wehle, Constitutional law professor, legal scholar & author (Episode 110)

With Kim Wehle
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Show Notes

The most basic act of civic engagement is voting. With few exceptions, it’s available to all citizens. Yet, the vast majority of eligible voters — women and men — in the U.S. don’t take advantage of this privilege. In Episode 110, I’m joined by Kim Wehle who has made voting and civic literacy her calling. Kim is a Constitutional law professor, a former assistant U.S. Attorney, a prosecutor, and a separation of powers scholar. She’s also the author of two civics handbooks: “How to Read the Constitution — and why” and her more recent book out this month “What you need to know about voting and why.” More than guides for students, Kim’s books are non-partisan guides for all Americans about responsibilities as citizens. Information is presented in an informative, straight-forward manner, but with a particular emphasis on personal responsibility. You don’t need to line up in either the Red or Blue column to appreciate that civic literacy is critical for an effective functioning government.

In our conversation, I talk with Kim not only about her work, but about how she found her calling. Her story is a testament to evolving your skills, embracing what you love, and using tough life experiences to remind you of what you are capable of.  Kim also talks about the impact she hopes to have on her students, her four daughters, and on all who read her books.

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