How we win against hate and extremism: A conversation with author and diplomatic entrepreneur Farah Pandith (Episode 58)

With Farah Pandith
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Show Notes

“There is a war being fought and we are losing,” Farah Pandith tells me in our conversation about what drives hate and radical extremism. Farah, who is often described as a “diplomatic entrepreneur,” has worked across political lines for three presidential administrations, has covered the globe meeting with young people and community leaders, and has  developed a clear understanding of not only the challenge, but how she believes we need to address it comprehensively and effectively.

Farah provides constructive advice for governments, corporations, and non-profits and emphasizes the importance we as individuals can play in countering this growing threat.

A Kashmir-born, Muslim American, Farah is taking her passion for global peace and her understanding of Islamic culture to make American and the world a safer place. Her new book “How We Win: How Cutting Edge Entrepreneurs, Political Visionaries, Enlightened Business Leaders, and Social Media Mavens Can Defeat the Extremist Threat” is a must read for anyone hoping to gain a better understanding of the treat we face and what each of us can do about it.