How VISUALIZATION helps you “see” success, and rebound faster when you fail: singer/author Emm Gryner

With Emm Gryner
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EPISODE 172:  How VISUALIZATION can help you “see” success, rebound faster when you fail! singer/author Emm Gryner


Rewriting our stories can be a critical element for personal growth, and it can require that we “redefine” success for ourselves as well. But there’s another important dimension that we dive into today: it’s the power of VISUALIZATION, and the importance of visualizing not only our ultimate success, but our goals along the way.  

Learning to do this can not only impact our ability to “see” our success, but as this week’s guest shows us, it can also help us rebound faster when we fail. 

When we think about the levers that help us build and sustain INFLUENCE, learning to manage ourselves and to set and achieve goals is key. It also requires that we embrace a mindset focused on growth, and a willingness to evolve. 



After landing her first major record deal, singer/songwriter Emm Gryner found herself starting over when she was unceremoniously dropped from her label a year later. What could have been interpreted as failure actually led her to a series of career highlights, including touring and recording with the late, legendary David Bowie. 

As a solo artist, Emm has recorded and released more than 20 albums — including a jazz album in 2020. Her collaboration with astronaut Chris Hadfield received more than 200 million views worldwide, and is widely celebrated as the first music video recorded in outer space. 

More recently, Emm redefined success for herself once again as a coach, teacher, and now author. Emm’s new book is entitled: “The Healing Power of Singing: Raise Your Voice, change Your life. What touring with David Bowie, single parenting and ditching the Music Biz taught me in 25 easy steps.”  



VISUALIZATION + PREPARATION: For Emm, visualization is all about “owning what you want to have happen,” but she underscores that making visualization work requires combining it with preparation and “setting the conditions for success.” 

DON’T OVERLOOK MONEY: For many creatives, things like money and finance may not be top of mind, but failing to focus on those things can make the product less valuable. #KnowYourValue  #OwnYourValue

LEARNING FROM DAVID BOWIE: Emm didn’t aspire to be a backup vocalist, but her willingness to try something different (and redefine success) put her on stage with David Bowie, and gave her a front row seat to learn more about her craft, fame, and the importance of serving the audience. 

TOO MUCH SELF-SUFFICIENCY CREATES ROADBLOCKS: Emm shares some of her more painful lessons about the failure of her marriage, and what she learned about “control” from astronaut Chris Hadfield. “Sometimes we need to engage with others and just admit that we need each other and that we are actually better when we’re operating as a community.” (connection + collaboration) 

CAREER PIVOT & REDEFINING SUCCESS AS A COACH/AUTHOR: Emm talks about how using what she knew to help someone else brought greater vitality into her own life. (Dr. Samantha Boardman  – Episode 167) 

DEALING WITH UNSUPPORTIVE PEOPLE: While this can be painful, Emm says we have to look inward at how we may be encouraging negative energy and forces, and look for ways to offset them. 

ON INFLUENCE: Emm says INFLUENCE for her means sharing in a way that is authentic and that helps her connect with her audience, her students, and her readers.  

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“The Healing Power of Singing: Raise Your Voice, Change Your Life. What touring with David Bowie, single parenting, and ditching the music business taught me in 25 easy steps”


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