Title: How to stop missing out on career opportunities by creating a strong digital brand! 

Episode 227

Guest: Madeline Fetterly, Founder/CEO, Be The Brand Collective


Building a personal brand and getting noticed for your work takes more than just “doing the work and doing it well.” While that’s important, one way to supercharge awareness of your potential is to invest in a digital strategy, and not just use social media to post photos of your dog (even though I’m sure she or he is very cute). 

As you think about the best ways to use the array of social media tools available, it can be confusing and overwhelming! How is the best way to get started tweaking your digital brand? Which platforms work best for which purposes? How often (and where) should you post for maximum impact? What if it all feels just too much, and like you are bragging? 


We’re tackling all those questions and lots more with digital branding strategy pro Madeline Fetterly, the founder and CEO of Washington, DC-based Be The Brand Collective. 

Madeline’s advice in this episode will help you demystify the array of possibilities, while also helping you avoid some common pitfalls as you think about what to post, when and where, and also how to set some helpful goals to determine how your posting and sharing is going.   

Madeline’s original inspiration for Be The Brand grew from seeing incredibly accomplished, high-profile women missing out on opportunities because they failed to invest in their digital brands, or weren’t comfortable using and leveraging social media to promote their work.  


Who needs a digital strategy and why? 

What are some initial considerations when trying to decide where to invest in your digital brand? 

How to demystify the different platforms and tools

Who are you trying to reach or influence? 

How can you make your strategy sustainable?

How you can align your digital strategy with other goals

How to ensure that you are creating an authentic, multidimensional digital brand that truly reflects you

How to get the best results when working with a third party or consultant to developing your brand

What’s the best balance between creating original content v. sharing others’ content? 

How you can use social media “prompts” to inspire your content

The biggest mistake Madeline sees people make

Why your story and how you craft it for your digital brand matters

Best practice: Someone visiting your website or landing page should get a good sense of who you are in 3-4 scrolls. 

Key Quote: “Nobody will start talking about you unless you start talking about you. So you have to be an anchor to position your work.” — Madeline Fetterly

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Madeline Fetterly

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