How to prioritize self-care, and why doing so can help you build INFLUENCE and increase your positive impact: best-selling author/blogger Kari Kampakis

With Kari Kampakis
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Show Notes

TITLE: How to prioritize self-care, and why doing so can help you build INFLUENCE and increase your positive impact: Author & blogger Kari Kampakis (Episode 188) 



We get so many mixed messages about self-care. For many of us, even doing the minimum amount of self-care can, at times, leave us feeling guilty. 

I often find the topic seems to be one of extremes. Taken too far self-care can legitimately become “selfish,” but when we don’t pause and take the time to engage in an adequate amount of  self-care, it means we’re not doing what we need to refuel in order to be the women and people we hope to be, and to have the impact we hope we can have. 

That’s why I think today’s conversation will really resonate with YOU. 


THIS WEEK’S GUEST: My guest is Kari Kampakis. She is a best selling, award winning author, mom blogger, and one of only two, two time guests here at She Said/She Said Podcast.  

Kari joins us today to talk about her latest book — her fourth. It’s my personal favorite of Kari’s so far. The book is called “More than a Mom: How prioritizing your wellness helps you (and your family) thrive.”  (Be sure to use the official She Said/She Said Podcast link below to purchase the book!)

Kari has a way of articulating the challenges of modern motherhood that is grounded, practical, and spiritual. It’s not over the top — but rather entirely relatable. 

Even if you are not in the throws and joys of motherhood — or maybe even if motherhood isn’t part of your journey — I know you’ll find much to love and appreciate about Kari’s message. It’s an important one and not just for moms. 



HOW SELF-CARE RELATES TO INFLUENCE: Investing in ourselves is part of building and sustaining influence. That’s because it’s an essential part of how we become the people we want to become. It takes effort, work, and self reflection. It also reminds me of my personal mantra: “you get what you give.” That concept applies to ourselves as well as to others. When we starve ourselves for the recharge and fuel we need, we’re less able to do all of the amazing things we hope and dream about accomplishing.

PRIORITIZING OUR OWN SELF-CARE INCREASES THE POSITIVE IMPACT WE HAVE ON OTHERS: Kari talks about several dimensions to this that I think you’ll really appreciate! 

TAMING THE TENDENCY TO MULTI-TASK: Kari talks about how she tames this Type-A tendency, while channeling her mental energy in ways that enable her to have a bigger impact 

WHY KARI SAYS BUILDING OUR NETWORKS IS AN IMPORTANT FORM OF SELF CARE: I love how Kari’s message about creating and tending our networks builds so beautifully on my conversation last week in Episode 187 with Red Clay Hot Sauce CEO Molly Fienning. It is also a great reminder of the power of groups like The Southern Coterie and our collaboration series. If you’ve missed any part of the series, be sure to check out these conversations starting with Episode 181!

HOW AND WHY KARI THINKS ABOUT HER LIFE AND CAREER IN “SEASONS” and how doing so can help you prioritize and tackle bigger goals. 



HOW KARI CREATED A BUSINESS OUT OF HER BLOGGING SIDE HUSTLE: You can find even more about her personal journey in our earlier conversation back in Episode 116 KARI KAMPAKIS. 


Friend, wherever you are in your journey, I hope you find as much value from this conversation with Kari as I did, and I hope you’ll make the time to read Kari’s new book “More Than A MOM: How prioritizing your wellness helps you (and your family) thrive.”It’s terrific!

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Thanks for listening, and for making this investment in YOU! 



About Kari Kampakis 

Be sure to use our official She Said/She Said Podcast link to purchase Kari’s latest book (it’s out on April 5th!): “More than a mom: How prioritizing your wellness helps you (and your family) thrive.”

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