How to kick ass like a cowgirl and other secrets of success: entrepreneur, author & artist Gay Gaddis (Episode 112)

With Gay Gaddis
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Show Notes

Gay Gaddis is the trailblazing founder of Austin, Texas-based T3, an advertising and marketing firm which she grew to be one of the largest independent agencies in the country–and one of only a few owned by women. It might surprise you to know that this small town girl from Liberty, Texas went to college on a fine arts scholarship, and only found her way into business when she needed to earn a living.

Gay’s story of how she started T3 with $16k she had from cashing in an IRA is the stuff of legend. It’s also testament to a philosophy she refers to as “cowgirl power” which we discuss in detail in Episode 112. Gay’s practical, thoughtful approach has been a driving force in helping her take risks, lead, make decisions, and build strong, diverse teams. She recently added author to her incredible resume when she memorialized her philosophy to help others with the publication of “Cowgirl Power: How to kick ass in business and in life.” It’s a fantastic add to your summer reading list!

In this episode, Gay and I talk not only about cowgirl power — what it is, and how to get it, but how it relates to resilience, reinvention, career and personal evolution, confidence, competence, and keeping self doubt at bay. We also talk about a particularly important tool Gay refers to as a “Treasure Map” which she recommends for planning your life goals. Hers is a practical, innovative take on a life timeline to help you think about and plan for all the important dimensions and priorities in life. As many of us already know, you can have it all, but it requires careful and thoughtful prioritization. For Gay, the “Treasure Map” exercise helped her stay on track (and keep her family on track) as she balanced and prioritized motherhood — she’s the mom of three, along with the demands of being a very successful, sought after CEO. 

We also talk about Gay’s most recent reinvention following the sale of T3. She’s launched a virtual leadership series called “Eating Risk for Breakfast,” where she shares her knowledge and experience to help others succeed, and she’s working as an artist painting sunsets from her ranch in the Texas Hill Country. Texas Monthly Magazine recently named Gay one of the top new artists to collect now!  

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You don’t need to be a cowgirl or a Texan to find incredible value in Gay’s advice! It’s relevant no matter where you sit, or what your aspirations may be. xo