How to build more confidence, even when you aren’t feeling it! BONUS Episode 207

With Claire Shipman
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TITLE: How to build your confidence, even when you are not feeling it! 


What does it mean to be confident? We know confidence when we see it, but what does it really mean? What makes one person seem more confident than another? And can one’s confidence waiver from day to day? Is a person who is confident one day “always” confident?  

I don’t know anyone who can honestly say they don’t struggle with confidence — at least some of the time. Some of us struggle with it more often than we might like to admit. But after hundreds of conversations on this podcast in which the topic of confidence inevitably comes up, what I’ve found is that confidence is something you build and maintain — frankly much like influence. For most people, it is not static. We often have to adjust what we’re doing — and how we’re thinking — and the stories we tell ourselves — to maintain or boost our confidence at those times when we need it most. 

Confidence is also key to building and sustaining influence. Understanding it can make a big difference in our ability to make choices that help us continue to build this capacity.  

This week’s Guest: 

In this week’s BONUS EPISODE 207, I pulled from the way back she said/she said podcast archives a conversation with journalist and author Claire Shipman. Claire, together with her co-author and fellow journalist Katy Kay, wrote The Confidence Code, and later the Confidence Code for Girls. I love the Confidence Code because it does a great job of explaining the science behind confidence, but also puts everyday scenarios into context. That’s what Claire and I do in this conversation. 


* Why confidence is as important as competence in the workplace. 

* Confidence should not be viewed as a trait, but rather a SKILL that can be learned. 

* How confidence impacts risk taking and why. 

* The role of genetics related to confidence. 

* The role of brain plasticity related to building confidence. 

* How “doing” and taking risks — even small ones — creates more confidence. 

* The confidence shift that often occurs in girls starting around age 12.

* Write down FIVE risks you can take to build your confidence. 

* Why “doing it afraid” is important for building confidence. 


Episode Links and Books: 

The Confidence Code

The Confidence Code for Girls


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