“How to be less busy, but accomplish more (while also building more influence)!” Episode 209

With Laura Cox Kaplan
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Show Notes

SHOW NOTES Episode 209: 

TITLE:  “How to be less busy, but accomplish more (while also building more influence!)” – Episode 209

TOPIC: Ever find that you are busy beyond belief, but you don’t have much to show for it? Or maybe, you are working incredibly hard, but you aren’t actually making progress on those bigger and more important goals? 

The problem might be that you are prioritizing your time over your peak mental energy. When we do that we tend to work more, but we don’t necessarily produce the highest value results — and we likely don’t increase our influence. 

THIS WEEK’S GUEST: As I roll out the first episode of a new SHE SAID/SHE SAID PODCAST season, I’m solo, but drawing on work from Isaiah Hankel, Ph.D. and his book “The Science of Intelligent Achievement.” If you are like me and a self-described, card-carrying member of the “busy girl club,” I think you’ll find much to love and to think about in this book and in this episode. 


  • Why do we often create practices that seem to increase our productivity, but that in fact undercut it? 
  • What’s the connection between mental energy and work that helps us build more influence? 
  • We all have 1,440 minutes each day. According to Dr. Hankel and supporting research, the average person has about 90-120 minutes of “peak” mental energy each day and around 200-300 minutes (some 4-5 hours) of “near peak” mental energy each day. That’s assuming you have no distractions and are operating at your peak level of mental energy. 
  • If you have all that potential mental energy, why is it so hard to channel it into higher value tasks and focused work? 


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