233. How embracing creativity helps you navigate change in career and life! with guest Dana Cowin

With Dana Cowin
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Title: “How embracing creativity can help you navigate change in career and life!” 

Episode 233

What should I do next? Ever reach that point in your career and thought to yourself, “I need to make a big change, but I have no idea what’s next?” Maybe you’re apprehensive or afraid of making a big pivot and wonder, “what if this doesn’t work out? What then?” Or maybe, you already have a passion or side hustle that you are thinking about turning into a business, but you’re not sure about how to go about taking that risk? 


These questions are the ones I receive most often from women who are navigating pivots (and often rethinking or re-envisioning) life and career. It’s one of my favorite topics because the answer lies entirely in the person asking. But the path to figuring out what makes sense for her, of finding her “through line” and connecting the dots in ways that are unique to her, is an act of creativity itself. 


This week’s guest could reasonably be referred to as a queen of all things creative. Her voracious curiosity for life and everything in it fuels that curiosity! It’s how she thinks about and has used creativity to approach her own career juncture points — including those that she’s tackled most recently. She makes a strong case for why embracing creativity for problem solving is so vital and important. It’s also a key to how she’s differentiated herself and built tremendous influence in the process. 



Dana Cowin is a highly respective, accomplished and influential voice in the food, beverage, and lifestyle space. Her 20 years at the helm of Food and Wine Magazine shaped the way we think about food and wine today. 

During Dana’s tenure at F&W, she elevated the role of chefs and food personalities, changing the public’s understanding and appreciation for the work that happens behind the scenes in some of the most renowned and delicious dining establishments. She literally helped to create the notion of celebrity chef. 

She also expanded F&W’s coverage beyond more traditional French and Italian fare by introducing readers to a more diverse range of cuisines from Africa, Asia and Latin America. She also has helped to create more awareness around sustainability and ethical sourcing, as well as more awareness about food waste. 

Dana and I talk about her journey, and specifically how someone without culinary expertise landed in the top job at Food and Wine in the first place!   

More recently, she has reimagined her influence and platform through “Speaking Broadly” which takes both zine and podcast forms. 



This conversation kicks off my second official collaboration series with The Southern C! Be sure to follow me and The Southern C on Instagram for more about the series and the amazing network of talented entrepreneurs and founders who make up The Southern C! 



How Dana became the editor-in-chief of Food & Wine, when culinary expertise was not her top skill!

How Dana approached figuring out what was next after two decades at food and wine.

The power of creativity and how we can spark it in our own lives and careers.

Why Dana launched “Speaking Broadly” in both podcast and zine formats, and her advice for you if you’re thinking about starting a podcast or zine of your own.

How Dana thinks about influence, and how she’s using the tremendous influence she’s built over her career.

How Dana thinks about mentorship and why it’s been a lifelong passion of hers, and her advice for the best ways to pursue the mentor who is right for you. 


There is so much great advice and perspective in this episode, and I’m excited to hear your reaction and feedback. How do you incorporate creativity into your life? What are your favorite practices? I’d love to hear! Send me an email: info@shesaid.media  or you can reach via the contact link below. Please sure to reference Episode 233. 

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The Southern Coterie – our She Said/She Said Podcast collaboration series launches with this episode!

Dana Cowin

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