How changing your perception can change your reality! Episode 231

With Christina Eanes
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Episode 231:

TITLE: “How changing your perception can change your reality!”



Have you ever totally misread a situation? Maybe it was one where you were so convinced that what you thought was happening was happening, but in fact your perception was completely off? Maybe you missed some critical element in a conversation or perhaps your focus was geared too internally on your own emotion causing you to miss some critical clues? 


We’ve all been there. Some of us more times than we might like to admit!


But perception, when it’s faulty, can also impact our ability to build influence. Here’s why: you might mistakenly misinterpret the motives of others which can lead to misunderstanding and can impact your ability to build a rapport; or you might not fully appreciate your own value which can impact your confidence and ultimately undermine your ability to build influence. Additionally, faulty perceptions can also result in bias which can drive the wrong outcomes and can impact the quality of relationships. 

Why does this happen? And, how can we train ourselves to get better at learning to read and decipher those important clues? 



Christina Eanes is a former FBI violent crime analyst turned author, career coach, professional speaker, and podcast host. Her fascinating career has helped her develop a deeper understanding of how we can train ourselves to be more perceptive. Christina shares what she has learned about building the skills needed to help decipher clues that can be tricky and difficult to read.  

I actually joined Christina on an episode of her podcast which is called “Quit Bleeping Around” and we talked about what I’ve learned about influence and how we can build it. You can find that conversation in the links below. It’s a good one because it compliments what we talk about here. 



How our perceptions create our reality.  

The role of mindset related to our perceptions. 

The value of setting intentions before you are called to the stage or asked to comment.  

Why Christina has found escape rooms to be a particularly useful teaching tool and what we can learn about ourselves and others from using them. 

Why Christina uses an accountability approach and how she developed that approach.  

The impact of managing energy v. managing time. 

Why questioning and reflecting on your thinking, especially in conflict situations, can be a helpful exercise to test your perceptions especially about others’ motives, as well as our own.  

One of Christina’s tips for how to weather a setback, ask yourself, “What gift is this (setback, failure, or obstacle) bringing me?” 


There is so much great advice and perspective in this episode, and I’m excited to hear your feedback. Have you ever misread a situation only to find out later — maybe after a bridge has been burned, that you misread it? I’d love to hear about what you learned, and how this week’s episode relates to what you experienced.  Send me an email:  or you can reach via the contact link below. Please be sure to reference Episode 231. 

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Christina Eanes 

Quit Bleeping Around Podcast Episode 394 “Using influence to get what you want”

Book Rec: “Hard Goals”: the secret from getting where you are to where you want to be. 

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