“Hiding in Plain Sight:” scholar and author Julia Sweig on the power and influence of Lady Bird Johnson (Episode 149)

With Julia Sweig
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Show Notes

Julia Sweig is a scholar and author whose latest book reveals important and often surprising details about one of the most powerful (but often overlooked) people in the Johnson Administration — the President’s wife Lady Bird Johnson. Julia’s book is entitled: “Lady Bird Johnson: Hiding in Plain Sight.”

Plowing through more than 123 hours of first-hand audio diaries that are housed at the LBJ Library at The University of Texas at Austin, Julia brings a much deeper and richer understanding of both the First Lady and of the Johnsons’ partnership. She also uncovers Mrs. Johnson’s role in practically every major issue of the Johnson Administration — from civil rights to Vietnam. 

In Episode 149, Julia and I dig into this incredible history. We also talk about how Julia, whose scholarly work up to this point had been largely focused on Cuba and Latin America, became inspired to take a fresh look at Mrs. Johnson’s legacy. 

In addition to the biography, Julia has produced an incredible podcast “In Plain Sight,” using some of the audio recordings featuring Mrs. Johnson.  

You’ll never think about Mrs. Johnson, the Johnson Administration, or her beautification efforts the same way again! 

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