Heidi Ganahl, founder Camp Bow Wow & She Factor: Finding purpose through grief, Episode 67

With Heidi Ganahl
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Show Notes

What would you do if your life and dreams were suddenly smashed by overwhelming loss and grief? Heidi Ganahl faced a series of life shattering challenges, but found the courage and the will to regain her life — albeit a different one than she had imagined. She has achieve tremendous success as an entrepreneur, and is using her life experience to help others. Heidi is the former CEO of Camp Bow Wow (a pet care franchise she grew to $100 million), and the CEO and author of “She Factor” — a platform, app and book to help women as they launch their careers. She’s also fulfilling her first term in state-wide elected office in Colorado as a member of the Colorado Board of Regents.  Heidi’s story and her passion for life is both inspiring and contagious!

Be sure to check out She Factor and Heidi’s terrific book by the same name.