Meanwhile Back on the Farm’s Heather Harris: on starting and running a family business, motherhood, trusting yourself, & finding your passion (Episode 75)

With Heather Harris
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Show Notes

Ever thought of starting your own small business?  Dreamed of forgoing a job in favor of being your own boss, or jumping off the corporate track to pursue a passion project, or to spend more time with your kids? 

Heather Harris is the creator and co-owner of Meanwhile Back On The Farm— a Lynchburg, VA-based tote bag manufacturing company that she runs with her husband. Her path to entrepreneurship started at age 8 largely out of necessity, but the seed was planted. After college, she put entrepreneurship behind her in favor of the corporate track, but after the birth of their first child, she found her career — and the travel required — was not conducive to the way she wanted to raise her young family. So, she ignored advice from many well-intentioned friends and colleagues and quit her job. Her story is about rediscovering her passion, and creating the life she and her husband want for their family. Her passion and thoughtful approach will inspire you! 

Heather’s story is episode 75 on She Said/She Said podcast. 

Check out Heather’s incredible totes and jalapeño mustard at Meanwhile Back on The Farm