Giving aspiring young women political leaders a “Running Start” (Episode #8)

With Susannah Wellford
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Show Notes

There are many factors that impact a woman’s decision to seek elected office. One may simply be that she hasn’t been introduced to the possibility or told, “You can and should do this.” If you talk to Susannah Wellford, the CEO and founder of a non-partisan, non-profit called “Running Start,” she will tell you that it’s important introduce younger women to elected office as a way to make a difference in her community and to have an impact. By planting the seeds early, Susannah says young women will be much more inclined to seek this path as some point in her career. Running Start not only introduces young women to the notion of political office and elected service, but also provides fundamental campaign and leadership training. We sat down with Susannah recently to talk about her work, her thoughts on career and the importance of knowing your “why” —  as in “why does what I’m doing matter to me and have an impact on others. We think you’ll love this conversation and Susannah’s passion and enthusiasm for the topic of women’s leadership. Susannah is what She Said/She Said is all about!

Click here to learn more about Susannah and Running Start.

Disclosure note: Laura Cox Kaplan serves as Co-Chair of the Board of Running Start and teaches a leadership seminar.