Get in the Groove with One Kings Lane founder Susan Feldman (Episode #32)

With Susan Feldman
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Show Notes

Susan Feldman is the genius founder of One Kings Lane. She broke new ground by challenging and redefining conventional wisdom about how we shop for home decor. She’s expanded her horizons once again with the launch of “In The Groove” a new concept for “age defying women” —  a category in which Susan is most definitely a member!

Susan talks to She Said/She Said about where the original idea for One Kings Lane came from, the challenges of navigating career transitions, taking risks, and the power of collaboration. She also talks about why advertisers have traditionally overlooked women of a certain age (despite their buying power), and the “age defying” importance of challenging yourself to always be learning — something she picked up from her age-defying father who earned his Master’s of Fine Arts degree at age 80.

Susan is changing the way we think about aging, and is redefining how advertisers think about their target market. She is an amazing force, a unique and inspiring voice, compelling leader, and a joy to spend time with! 

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