The Storytelling Power of Food…and so much more! Inspiration from Washington Post Food Anchor & food lawyer Mary Beth Albright (Episode #3)

With Mary Beth Albright
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Show Notes

“Don’t ever work for someone who won’t allow you to shine,” was just some of the wonderful advice we received in our interview with Mary Beth Albright, food lawyer turned food anchor at The Washington Post. We sat down for an engaging conversation with Mary Beth at the Post’s newly designed offices in Washington, DC. As is readily apparent in her “Food Hacks” and “Food Diaries,” Mary Beth’s passion for food stems in part from a personal calling to use her unique voice and skills to help others (like yours truly) demystify food preparation. As she explains, food is essential, but it’s also a big part of our individual and collective cultures, and the stories that shape our shared experiences and family histories.

Our conversation went well beyond food, however, as we visited the newsroom and talked about the evolution of the Washington Post from delivered-to-your-doorstep newspaper to multimedia platform, and the integration of old and new ways of delivering news and information.

Mary Beth’s unique voice and perspective — but especially her authenticity — will inspire and entertain, and her passion for food and for her personal mission is contagious!