Five Lessons to Boost Your Potential (Episode 156)

With Laura Cox Kaplan
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Show Notes

Potential is an amazing concept! With so many graduates launching into the world these past couple of weeks, I wanted to share five important lessons (and some tools) that work not only for new graduates, but for anyone!  These are some of my tried and true favorites— fine-tuned through life experience, and from perspective shared by guests who join me on She Said/She Said Podcast.

Here’s a sneak peak at key themes in this episode: 

  1. Don’t let others determine your future;
  2. Build a supportive tribe;
  3. Understand and use fear;
  4. The power of mindset and why “how you show up” matters; and
  5. The impact of small improvements every single day. 

These five things can have a big impact on boosting potential, and on helping us accomplish what we set our sights on. I also love that they often come up in conversation in one form or another on episodes of She Said/She Said Podcast.

Once you’ve had a chance to listen to Episode 156, let me know what resonates with you, and what else works for you as you work to maximize your own potential! I’d love to hear your thoughts, and what additional tools you keep in your own “tool box.” 

I’m grateful you tuned in, and I have a favor. If you enjoyed the episode and found it a good investment of your time, please be sure to share it with others who are looking to add a positive lift and some empowered thinking to their day! And if you have an extra minute, please send me some feedback or better yet, leave us a review! 

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Episode References: 

Dana Perino – Episode 146

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