Finding the “win/win:” Estelle Colored Glass founder/entrepreneur Stephanie Summerson Hall (Episode 143)

With Stephanie Summerson Hall
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Show Notes

Today, we’re talking entrepreneurship, career pivots, and business inspiration. For my guest Stephanie Summerson Hall, her inspiration came from a rich family history, so perfect for Women’s History Month. It’s a great reminder of how the women in our own families have inspired our passions and our interests and who have had such a great impact on us. 

Stephanie is the founder and CEO of the Charleston, South Carolina based Estelle Colored Glass Company. The company is named after Stephanie’s grandmother, Estelle, who in many ways inspired the vision for the company. 

In this conversation, Stephanie talks about making a mid-career pivot from law, and how the negotiating skills she fine-tuned as a lawyer have been so essential in creating her business. Stephanie talks about the importance of approaching interactions with others from a “win/win” standpoint. Even if it’s not 100 percent, each side should feel they are getting at least part of what they need. It’s a guiding principle that helps her push back against “no’s,” and find middle ground. Her practical, thoughtful perspective on pushing through the challenges provides important advice especially for so many business owners who are struggling to get past the impact of covid. 

Stephanie and I also talk about some of the unique challenges that face women entrepreneurs, particularly when they are women of color. In Stephanie’s case, the events of the past year and an increased focus on Black-owned businesses, catapulted Estelle Colored Glass Company into national awareness. 

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