Finding strength through Faith: Janine Turner, actress & co-founder Constituting America (Episode 95)

With Janine Turner
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Show Notes

COVID-19 is devastating. So much suffering and loss. While each of us will cope in her own way, it’s helpful to hear from amazing women who have overcome adversity and significant setbacks only to find deeper meaning and opportunity for impact going forward.

My guest this week is an inspiring example. Janine Turner is an incredibly talented Emmy-nominated actress, singer, poet, author, and host of “God On the Go” podcast. She’s also been dubbed a modern day Paul Revere, spreading the word about our country’s founding principles and why understanding them is so critical to our future as a republic.  She co-founded, along with my wonderful friend Cathy Gillespie (who joined us in Episode 40) an organization called Constituting America. The goal is to educate kids (and often their parents) about the U.S. Constitution and our rights as Americans.  

In this conversation, Janine takes on the role of spiritual adviser and shares a powerful perspective about the role faith has played in her own life in helping her overcome loss and alcoholism. She’s been sober for almost 34 years following heartbreak, grief and a broken engagement to actor Alec Baldwin when both were in their 20s. 

Understanding that we are part of something much greater than ourselves is a powerful and important concept, regardless of the religion you ascribe to. I think you’ll find comfort and great wisdom in Janine’s perspective. 

Janine joined me via Zoom for this conversation. You can listen to the conversation as a podcast, or watch via You Tube here . Be sure to check out Constituting America. Their interactive, engaging programming is especially perfect when you are looking for educational content to remind us and our kids about the importance of understanding and learning to engage effectively and civily with each other and our government.

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