Equipping girls to grow into strong, confident women: Kari Kampakis, author and girl mom extraordinaire (Episode 116)

With Kari Kampakis
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Show Notes

Kari Kampakis is a Birmingham, Alabama-based author (three times over) who got her start as a blogger writing for girls about common challenges faced in girlhood. When one of Kari’s blogs went viral and was shared some 74k times she, and a publisher, realized she had struck a chord and her personal calling and mission fell into place.

Kari is also host of “The Girl Mom Podcast.” But it’s her four daughters — ages 10-17 – who provide the source for so much of Kari’s inspiration and motivation around empowering young women and girls, and helping parents navigate some of the most challenging years of parenting.

Kari’s latest book “Love Her Well” released on August 18, 2020, offers 10 ways to better connect with teens, especially during challenging times. While the book is written for moms of girls, there is much that all parents will find helpful and relatable.

In Episode 116, I talk with Kari about how she got her start, how she found her calling, and how we can raise girls that grow into strong, confident women.

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