Empowering others and working to break the cycle of domestic violence: Jan Langbein, CEO, Genesis Women’s Shelter and Support, Episode 61

With Jan Langbein, CEO, Genesis Women’s Shelter and Support
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Show Notes

Jan Langbein is the fiercely passionate, powerhouse CEO of Genesis Women’s Shelter and Support in Dallas, Texas. She has grown Genesis from a seven-bed emergency facility to a multi-faceted treatment center and program for victims of domestic abuse and their children. Jan’s journey is an inspiring one.  She went from stay-at-home-mom to trailblazing domestic violence victims’ advocate, fueled by a commitment to break a cycle of violence that can continue indefinitely without intervention. She reminds us of the power and impact each of us can have when we are passionate and driven to solve a problem. In Jan’s case, the problem of domestic violence, which impacts a shockingly large percentage of the population and costs society some $8.3 billion every year. Jan reminds us that pretending the problem doesn’t exist, assuming it doesn’t happen in our own communities, or not asking how we can help when we suspect a friend or colleague is suffering doesn’t make the problem go away, but actually helps the abuser more than the victim. Jan is an incredibly thoughtful voice whose story and perspective will inspire you. Our conversation is episode 61. 

If you or someone you know needs help, please contact Genesis Women’s Shelter and Support or the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.