Embracing change with one of the most powerful women on Wall Street: Barbara Novick co-founder of Blackrock (Episode 151)

With Barbara Novick
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Show Notes

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This week on She Said/She Said Podcast we’re talking about change. It can be so challenging! In many ways we’re not wired for it. That’s odd, especially since change is inevitable. It’s also critical for building risk tolerance, and for building the confidence you need in order to take those risks in the first place. 

So, how can we build greater capacity to embrace change, and greater capacity for embracing risk? This week’s guest has charted her entire career doing just that. 

Barbara Novick is one of the eight founding partners of Blackrock, the world leader in asset management. The firm has almost $9 trillion under management, but it didn’t start that way. Barbara and her seven co-founders had a simple plan. Through their focus on both leading and embracing change, they have grown the firm into the incredibly successful and influential organization it is today. 

Barbara is a trailblazer. Not only was she one of the most powerful if not the most powerful women at Blackrock, but she also has topped lists of the most powerful women in finance and on Wall Street. She has been at the forefront of leading and inspiring change in the asset management industry, while also adapting to the changing needs of customers and the global environment. 

In this conversation, Barbara shares great advice on navigating some very typical workplace and professional development challenges including: career pivots; work/life balance; finding and leveraging mentors; how to think about the mentor/mentee relationship; how to approach your boss with a problem; tips for working from home; the future of work and how different it will look after covid; being the only woman in the room; speaking up; understanding and internalizing your value; and more.

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