Why civic education & engagement matters disproportionately for women: All In Together CEO and author Lauren Leader (Episode #43)

With Lauren Leader
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Show Notes

Lauren Leader is the founder and CEO of nonpartisan, nonprofit, All In Together. She’s also an expert on diversity in the work-place, and is the author of “Crossing the Thinnest Line:How Embracing Diversity from the Office to the Oscars Makes America Stronger,” a book she wrote in 2016. Lauren joined me on the podcast and talked about her personal mission to encourage and equip more women to engage in civics and in politics — regardless of their political leanings or priorities. She talks about why women are disproportionately impacted when they don’t understand politics and engage. Lauren also talks candidly about her own journey and struggles, and she shares very personal insights about her personal growth, and the importance of always listening to and learning from feedback no matter what level you are in your career. That includes being thoughtful about when, where and how you share your self doubt! Lauren’s mission, and her authentic, no-holds barred perspective make her a particularly inspiring addition to our line up!