Fearlessness, resilience, and bravery: a conversation with Pentagon & National Security Correspondent for FOX News Jennifer Griffin (Episode #27)

With Jennifer Griffin
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Show Notes

Several adjectives come to mind when I think of Jennifer Griffin……smart, accomplished, thoughtful, tenacious, kind, but perhaps the ones that describe her best are resilient, fearless, and brave. Most people know her from her work covering the Pentagon and National Security issues for Fox News, but her story and her experiences in journalism are a story unto themselves. Most recently, she’s covered the rising tensions between the US and North Korea, and the ongoing battle with the islamic state. She’s interviewed and covered the most significant players in national security, including a rare, extensive interview with Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in 2009 just before he lapsed into a coma.

Keep in mind, Jenn has done much of this incredible work while raising three children alongside her husband – fellow national security correspondent for NPR Greg Myre. She talks candidly about her commitment to telling the stories of servicemen/women and their families, and the critical role that journalism plays in shining a spotlight on issues. She also shares a very personal story about her battle (and her family’s battle) with breast cancer. Her ability to use her skills as a journalist were critical to her treatment, recovery and to keeping her “psychology in tact.” Her perspective shows us the importance of living beyond yourself, the power of mentorship in all aspects of life, and — most importantly — the power of resilience. Her thoughtful perspective will inspire you. This episode runs a bit longer than most. We think you’ll forgive us when you hear it!