The Importance of Change, Creativity, & Learning to Tell Your Story: Beth Comstock, former Vice Chair GE; Author “Imagine It Forward” (Episode 60)

With Beth Comstock
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Show Notes

Change can be difficult. But in a world that continues to grow more and more complex our ability to embrace change and to think more creatively has never been more important. Beth Comstock is the former Vice Chair of Business and Innovation at GE. She was the first woman to hold that role in GE’s 127 year history). As her former title conveys, Beth is one of the most accomplished women to rise up the ranks in corporate America, and she fully embraces this notion of change and has led efforts to successfully challenge the status quo at the highest levels of business and media.

Her story provides incredible perspective on leading in business. As a self-described, introvert Beth talks about how to navigate in a world that often seems created for extroverts. She challenges us to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, to give ourselves permission to think creatively, and to embrace change. Since leaving GE, Beth has taken her significant knowledge about what she learned including the qualities and capabilities she says we need to face the future and has written a terrific book – her first – entitled “Imagine It Forward: Courage, Creativity and the power of change.” There has never been a time when change was occurring faster nor the need for staying ahead of it more important. Beth’s story is inspiring and her impact on the world unquestionable. 

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