Don’t let bad manners impact your future success (or happiness)! Catherine Wallace & Jessica Wallace Marventano (Episode #47)

With Catherine Wallace & Jessica Marventano Wallace
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Show Notes

When we think of good manners, we often think of table manners. While that’s important, perhaps even more so are the underlying concepts of kindness and self-respect, so say mother daughter duo and co-authors Catherine Wallace and Jessica Wallace Marventano. Their wise counsel on these topics has never been more needed. Their book “The Marvelous Millennials Manual to Modern Manners: Professional Success and Happiness with the help of business etiquette” focuses on manners as a component of one’s leadership journey, and, they say, the key to success in business and in life. My conversation with Catherine and Jessica goes beyond best practices at dinner parties and cocktail receptions (although we certainly cover that). We also talk about how Jessica and Catherine took their shared passion and created a very successful side hustle: first a board game (Kindness Kingdom), then a series of classes on manners and etiquette, and now their terrific book. We also talk about what it’s like working with family, and how they each think about the legacy they are creating, and the impact they are having on others’ success.