Develop your perfect pitch and be “Great on the Job” with author & CEO Jodi Glickman (Episode 152)

With Jodi Glickman
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Show Notes

This week’s guest is passionate about developing leaders, and making her clients look good on the job. She is a master at helping people think through how best to position themselves for that next move — inside their current companies and organizations, getting that first job, or making a major career pivot. With so many women leaving the workforce and transitioning into other roles, this advice could not be more timely! My guest is Jodi Glickman and she is the founder and CEO of the appropriately named company “Great on the Job.”  “Great on the Job” also happens to be the name of her critically-acclaimed book.

Jodi has worked with some of the most influential organizations and highly revered brands. She counts LinkedIn, JP Morgan, Abbott, and Harvard Business School among her longest standing clients. She’s also appeared on the TEDx stage with a talk entitled “ Why You Should Stop Looking for Work You Love.  

I’m really excited to share this conversation with you! I first became aware of Jodi through a course she developed for Linked In. I watched Jodi’s presentation, and knew you guys would love her! And, that was even before I knew about her interesting career journey, and how she got where she is today. Not to give too much away, but Jodi served in the Peace Corp, and worked at the EPA, Exxon, and Goldman Sachs, before launching her business. One thing you’ll want to listen for in our conversation is how she tied all of that together for maximum impact — and how you can do the same with your own story. 

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Great on the Job

“Great on the Job: What to say, how to say it; The secrets of Getting Ahead”

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