Cracking “The Confidence Code” — understanding & building confidence (Episode #16)

With Claire Shipman
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Show Notes

There are many things to admire about Claire Shipman: accomplished journalist; best-selling author (three times over); mom of two; smart; classy; and sophisticated. Most of all, however, you instantly like Claire because she’s one of the most down-to-earth, authentic people you’ll ever meet. To talk with her about where confidence comes from is an enlightening treat — especially when Claire admits to not being the most confident of people in spite of her professional success.

Claire’s books — The Confidence Code, The Confidence Code for Girls, and Womenomics — all well-researched and written with friend, collaborator and fellow journalist BBC’s Katty Kay, have helped to increase awareness about what we can do to increase confidence in ourselves and in our daughters. As Claire would be quick to tell you, you don’t have to have been born with excessive amounts of confidence to be successful, but you do need to get comfortable with the uncomfortable….and the fear. Her advice: “Do more, think less, and be authentic.” Our conversation is illuminating and inspiring, and Claire’s work is having a significant and positive impact on others.