Building risk tolerance & grit through competitive sailing: Wall Street Analyst turned gallery owner Louisa Gould Episode 66

With Louisa Gould
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Show Notes

“Wanderlust” often defines true sailors. And in the case of Louisa Gould it also inspired a significant tolerance for risk taking that helped her find her true passion and calling. 

Louisa is the owner of the award-winning Louisa Gould Gallery in Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts, which has just celebrated its 16th anniversary. She is also the author of “Wooden Boats of Martha’s Vineyard.” 

An incredibly accomplished renaissance woman, I met Louisa a few years ago when I wandered into her amazing gallery. She is a former Wall Street analyst turned America’s Cup Sailing team member, turned competitive sailing and Yacht race photographer, and now entrepreneur.  Louisa has used her versatility, diverse skills, and business savvy to not only support her own art, but to inspire and support others who share her love of art and the sea, while also making art more accessible. 

Louisa’s story and perspective about leaving her big corner office on Wall Street to pursue her lifelong dream of sailing in the America’s Cup is not to be missed! And, that’s only one of many risks she’s taken in pursuit of her dreams and her passions. We talk grit, determination, secrets to effective teamwork, motherhood, and so much more in this episode. 

If you are a regular listener to the podcast you’ll recall that Louisa hosted our conversation with artist and creative teacher Theresa Girard in episode 65. We recorded this episode from her gallery as well. When you hear the voices of summer visitors in the background, you’ll no doubt feel you are sitting with Louisa and me over coffee on a beautiful sunny day in Vineyard Haven. 

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Big thanks to Kat Mitchell for her assistance with this episode! Kat is a rising sophomore at The University of Richmond.