Episode 173: Woodley+Lowe co-founders Rachel Thebault & Neda Funk are building INFLUENCE through innovation and trust


THIS WEEK’S TOPIC: How the levers that drive INFLUENCE can help you solve problems and reshape entire industries and markets! 

Today’s creative co-founders saw a problem, combined forces, created a community — really listened to that community– and it led them to develop an innovative platform and approach that’s challenging conventional wisdom in the retail clothing market for teen and tween girls.  



Co-founders Rachel Thebault and Neda Funk launched Woodley+Lowe after being introduced in 2019. Rachel, mom of three girls and founder of Tribeca Treats, a popular NYC bakery that she owned and operated for more than a decade, and Neda, mom of three boys with deep experience in retail and entrepreneurship, saw an opportunity to innovate the teen/tween girl retail market. A key to their approach: really listening to their target customer, and being willing to do something different to meet a growing and evolving customer demand. 



ENTREPRENEURSHIP & INNOVATION: This episode is packed with incredible perspective on what it takes to launch a new business idea. One of the things I love most about our conversation is Rachel and Neda’s focus on pinpointing an opportunity based on a problem, and building trust with their target customer by working with her on the development of the brand. 

CHALLENGING THE STATUS QUO: The duo’s focus on creating a body positive approach led them to toss out the traditional numerical sizing model in favor of an alphabetical one. 

CAREER RISK TOLERANCE IN A SECOND ACT: Both co-founders share their experience with career pivots and risk taking, and how evaluating career risks also changes as you evolve.  

FUNDING YOUR BUSINESS: Knowing how to fund your business requires understanding why you are starting it in the first place. The duo says clarity on that question will drive your tolerance for fundraising, and will help you sort through whether you have the appetite for pitching to venture capital sources, crowdfunding, or instead opt to self-fund. 

ADVICE FOR TACKLING YOUR OWN BIG IDEA: “Don’t compare yourself to others and how fast they are doing it. Don’t get bogged down by comparison.” 

There is so much of this conversation that reinforces various dimensions and building blocks for INFLUENCE: spotting a problem and setting about to tackle it, but doing so in a way that builds community, collaboration, that emphasizes listening to feedback, while at the same time embracing growth and personal evolution by taking risks as entrepreneurs.  

Friend, wherever you are in your journey, this smart, dynamic duo will give you much to think about especially if you are a would-be entrepreneur and have a startup idea in mind. Or, maybe it’s just a problem that bugs you, but you hadn’t thought of turning it into a business. Or maybe you’re a mom who hates the clothing choices your teen/tween daughter has on her holiday shopping list. For all those reasons, I think you’ll love this conversation, and it might just help you with some last minute shopping as well!   

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