Build influence through self-advocacy and elegance! “Elegant Warrior” Heather Hansen (Episode 161)

With Heather Hansen
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Show Notes


Learning how to advocate for ourselves and the people and issues we care about is not only key to achieving our goals, but is also important for developing INFLUENCE.

While we most often think of ADVOCACY in terms of what we can do for others, it takes on a whole new meaning when we flip the concept into how we can use those same skills to advocate for ourselves.



Heather Hansen spent 20 years as an award-winning trial attorney. More recently, she turns what she learned about advocacy in the courtroom and used it to distinguish herself as a trained mediator, coach, television commentator, author of two books “Advocate to Win,” “The Elegant Warrior,” keynote speaker, and host of “The Elegant Warrior Podcast.” Heather takes us on her own journey to becoming a better advocate which she defines as “helping people choose what YOU want THEM to choose.”



CAREER PIVOT: Heather describes her journey as “an evolution,” but I especially love how she describes it as “a vision that no one else could see.”

ELEGANCE: We dive deep into this word (Heather is a life-long logophile — i.e. lover of words). At its root, ELEGANCE means “to choose.”

ADVOCACY & CHOICE: Heather talks about our “inner and outer juries.” We are actually advocating to both. We are much less effective as advocates when our “inner jury” — often referred to on She Said/She Said Podcast as our “self talk,” isn’t aligned with the messages we are sending or our efforts to advocate externally to and for others.

TAMING OUR INNER CRITIC: Heather and I both reflect on our challenges with navigating our inner critics.

WHY NOT ASK “WHY?”: We examine how asking “why” can have unintended consequences. She offers some alternative language.




Whether advocating for your ideas, career, or your potential, my conversation with Heather is sure to leave you with plenty of elegant warrior-inspired strategies to guide you on the path to getting what you want! And, can provide some powerful ammunition for building INFLUENCE!


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