Benefit auctioneer & author Lydia Fenet shares her secrets for becoming the most powerful woman in the room (Episode 70)

With Lydia Fenet
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Show Notes

Lydia Fenet is the lead benefit auctioneer in the country, having raised more than half a billion dollars for 400 non-profits worldwide from her perch at Christie’s auction house in NYC. Lydia takes between 70-100 auctions per year in front of crowds of 100s and often 1,000s of people. That is in addition to the other half of her job as managing director for global strategic partnerships. Did I mention she’s also the mother of three children under age 6? And, she’s the author of a terrific book entitled “The Most Powerful Woman in the World is YOU!”  She shares her personal story and lessons learned to help benefit other women in their careers and life journeys. 

We had a great time together! I think you’ll especially love Lydia’s perspective on where confidence comes from for her, and how getting on stage night after night now barely elevates her heart rate — the result of lots of practice and many bad experiences: heckling, drunken celebrities, and even someone who suffered a heart attack during an auction. Lydia also talks about her approach to “intrapreneurship” and shares her tips on crafting jobs within an organization that enable you to keep growing. She also talks about the importance of authentic role modeling in our conversations with each other about life and career. All of that….and so much more! Lydia is a positive, authentic voice and I know you’ll be inspired by her journey and perspective. Big thanks to CDM Studios in NYC for hosting our conversation.