Being true to yourself and learning to move on: Elise Labott, award-winning journalist & foreign affairs correspondent (Episode 88)

With Elise Labott
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Show Notes

After almost 20 years as the foreign affairs correspondent at CNN, Elise Labott decided to leave the cable network. The decision wasn’t easy and in many ways is still something she is coming to terms with. Even when we know what we must do — or when we recognize that we have evolved past a job or position, mourning the loss of what once was can be tough. It requires us to stretch, realign our priorities, reflect, and pursue possibilities that we might not otherwise have considered. It also requires that we wrestle with identity which can become so wrapped up in things outside of ourselves: what we do for a living; whose mother, wife, or sister we are; etc…  

Elise’s story, her journey, and the topics we wrestle with in this conversation will resonate with so many of you listening. Her advice and perspective is often raw, but instructive and this conversation is an important reminder of the power that comes from sharing our experiences openly, even when it’s painful.  Elise’s candor and the impact her story can have on others is a gift. 

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