Using her story to break barriers & improve the effectiveness of Congress: AUDREY HENSON, Founder & CEO, College to Congress (EPISODE #37)

With Audrey Henson, Founder & CEO, College to Congress
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Show Notes

At 28, Audrey Henson is young by CEO standards. Don’t let that fool you! Her grit, determination, thoughtful approach, and passion for the mission of the non-profit she founded — College to Congress — will inspire you. Our conversation covers a broad range of topics: picking partners who share your values; mentorship; getting feedback; and learning from and using “no’s” as “exit interviews.” She also provides advice for how to be taken seriously (especially when you are young), the value of journaling, and the role faith plays in her leadership and her life. Audrey does “life” like others might approach a job — with thoughtful care that helps her stay focused while prioritizing all the aspects of her life that matter to her, and that help her make a difference for others. She “owns” her story and is using it to do good.