“Reformed opera singer” turned public speaking coach and CEO Allison Shapira tells us why women are disproportionately impacted when we don’t focus on developing & strengthening public speaking skills (Episode #23)

With Allison Shapira, CEO, Global Public Speaking, LLC
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Show Notes

Self-described “reformed opera singer” turned public speaking coach and CEO of her own firm – Global Public Speaking, Allison Shapira is an expert on public speaking and teaches the topic at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. She tells us why improving our public speaking skills and performance can impact women to a greater degree than men. “Men and women make the same mistakes (in public speaking), but for women, it costs us more when we make those mistakes,” she says.

Allison’s advice, which she shares on the podcast in advance of her book (coming out in October 2018), ranges from how to control nerves to why your public speaking style matters and the impact it can have on your career and credibility. She also talks about how understanding your “why” is so critical to how your audience will receive you and your message.

Allison’s personal story about finding her own unique voice and learning to use her skills and experiences differently for greater impact will inspire you. She brought along her guitar for our conversation and shares her more recent passion for folk music as we close this episode. Allison’s impact is inspiring and her perspective enlightening!