A promise that changed the narrative for breast cancer & sparked a movement to end the disease: Nancy G. Brinker, founder, Susan G. Komen Foundation (Episode 80)

With Nancy G. Brinker
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Show Notes

Without question Nancy Brinker is the leader of the global movement to end breast cancer. In a single generation the organization she founded in the name of her sister, Susan G. Komen, has changed the world and the way we talk about not only breast cancer, but all types of disease. In addition, since 1982, the Susan G. Komen Foundation has invested almost $3 billion in breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment and has made tremendous headway in the fight against this terrible disease. 

I sat down with Nancy at her home in Palm Beach, Florida where we talked about how she used her anger and grief to build an extraordinary enterprise. We also talked about a particularly valuable lesson she learned from her first boss — marketing genius Stanley Marcus (former CEO of Neiman Marcus); how her childhood struggle with dyslexia shaped her perspective and approach to her work; and so much more. 

Nancy also talks about her newest venture which takes a more localized approach to ending disease, as well as a new book she’s working on for release in 2020.

Nancy is a gifted woman of tremendous accomplishment, but her personal superpower is clearly her ability to inspire others to action! 

As we approach the holidays, I hope Nancy’s story, perspective on leadership, passion for others, and positive impact she continues to have on the world will inspire you as you think about all the incredible things you’ll tackle in the coming year!