A “philanthro-capitalist” changing lives through opportunity: Francine LeFrak (Episode 119)

With Francine LeFrak
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Show Notes

Two particularly powerful themes come through in Episode 119: how setback can be a transformational force even when it may not seem like it at first; and the power and value of providing work and an opportunity to those in need. Both of these themes have been life changing for my guest Francine LeFrak. 

Francine is an award-winning television, theatrical and film producer turned social entrepreneur whose focus and passion is empowering women and girls. A mid-career setback actually inspired her trailblazing approach to creating economic models that are self-sustaining and grounded in a core philosophy of opportunity and empowerment through work. 

To fully understand and appreciate Francine’s journey, you’ll have to listen to the episode. Trust me it’s worth it! 

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