A bright, shining light at “Bright” & The Daily Signal: Kelsey Harkness (Episode #44)

With Kelsey Harkness
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Show Notes

Far from a “problem that needs fixing,” Kelsey Harkness is a bright, shining star in conservative journalism. She’s a role model who doesn’t back away from overlooked stories, and who isn’t afraid to own her values and ideology. Kelsey talks candidly about her career, how she thinks about the evolution of journalism, and her special “sisterhood” of conservative women who are charting a bold and inspiring course. Kelsey is leading with her heart and owning her story, while never losing sight of the power of gratitude. She shares all of that, as well as her challenges with self doubt.  Her advice for others is timeless (and includes a “diet friendly” life hack you won’t want to miss!) While some will see her as “problematic” (a reference to her podcast “Problematic Women”), she is using her voice fearlessly and in ways that are empowering, impactful, and inspiring!