295. How to create a playbook for no-regrets living with Bonnie Wan

With Bonnie Wan
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Title: 295. How to create a playbook for no-regrets living

Guest: Bonnie Wan, advertising exec and author of “The Life Brief: A Playbook for No-Regrets Living”


Our lives can easily get swallowed by the noise and demands of daily tasks and responsibilities, leaving us detached from what truly matters. This week’s guest, Bonnie Wan, shares her profound journey of realizing the misalignment in her life and priorities, and the innovative steps she took to steer back towards intentional living. 

In this episode, you will discover how Bonnie developed the “life brief” to reclaim meaningful time, and how her practical steps can help you craft (or rather re-craft) a life that resonates more deeply with your core values.



Bonnie Wan is a 25+ year advertising exec and strategist. Her creation, the “life brief,” draws from the business concept of a creative brief and distills significant aspects of life into a potent roadmap for intentional action. Bonnie’s insightful methods have not only enhanced her personal life but have also been widely adopted in her workshops and talks with companies and community groups to aid leaders in clarifying their next steps.




THE LIFE BRIEF CONCEPT: Understand how the life brief serves as a one-page inspirational document that gathers and distills critical life data, inspiring actionable clarity.


THE THREE-PART PROCESS: Bonnie explains the steps of “get messy” (inner reflection), “get clear” (focus on important values), and “get active” (taking action) and how practicing these steps daily can make meaningful changes manageable.


THE IMPACT OF STORIES: Learn about the power of personal narratives and how reframing past stories can foster positivity and growth.


EMBRACING CHANGE: Bonnie offers guidance on how small shifts in mindset and behavior can lead to significant impacts in personal and professional life.


THE NECESSITY OF REVISITING THE LIFE BRIEF: Bonnie emphasizes the importance of adapting the life brief to changing circumstances to ensure ongoing relevance and alignment with personal growth.


PRACTICAL EXAMPLES: Hear real-life experiences from Bonnie on how declaring what she truly wants has materialized in her life and the transformative power of rewriting her life brief.


ENGAGING IN RELATIONSHIPS: Discover how the life brief can deepen relationships, fostering meaningful connections with others by revealing deeper parts of oneself.



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Bonnie Wan

Bonnie’s book: The Life Brief: A Playbook for No-Regrets Living”

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