294. How to turn a food passion into business profit with culinary expert Marcia Smart

With Marcia Smart
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Ep294_**SHOW NOTES**

**Episode 294: How to turn a culinary passion into business profit**

**Guest: Marcia Smart**



Ever wondered how to turn your culinary passion into a thriving business? Or maybe more specifically how to value your time and your expertise?

This week, we’re diving deep into the topic with Marcia Smart, a culinary expert who successfully transitioned her in-person cooking classes to a flourishing online platform. Marcia’s story is an inspiring blend of adaptability, creativity, and business acumen that will leave you motivated to pursue your own entrepreneurial dreams, even in the face of adversity.



Marcia Smart is a seasoned culinary expert and the driving force behind Smart in the Kitchen School. Having built a successful in-person cooking class business, Marcia had to reinvent herself and her offerings when COVID-19 hit. She pivoted to online classes and has since been passionately sharing her love for meal planning, creating original content across multiple platforms, and empowering others to find value in their culinary skills.



– **Adapting to Change:** How Marcia transitioned from in-person to online cooking classes and the challenges she faced.

– **Content Creation:** Insights into creating diverse content for newsletters, blogs, and social media, and why valuing one’s work is crucial.

– **Business Strategies:** Tips on pricing services, building a content-based business, and creating a pay-for model.

– **Meal Planning:** The difference between meal prep and meal planning, with a focus on using fresh ingredients for seasonal meals.

– **Cooking Tips:** Essential advice for cooking gluten-free pasta and timing meals for guests.

– **Upcoming Classes:** Information on Marcia’s free cooking class in July and a six-week basics course in the fall.

– **Influence and Impact:** The importance of expanding brand influence across platforms like Instagram and Substack.



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