292. How to build financial confidence for Super Woman Wealth with Regina McCann Hess

With Regina McCann Hess
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Show Notes

Episode 292: How to build financial confidence for Super Woman Wealth

Guest: Regina McCann Hess


Have you ever felt intimidated or overwhelmed by the topic of money, but were too embarrassed to get the answers? 

You are not alone and it’s a big reason why this week’s guest launched her own firm and wrote a terrific new book to break down some of those barriers related to women and wealth and the questions we tend not to ask but should. 



Regina McCann Hess is a financial planner with more than 25 years of experience. A particular area of her expertise is helping women take control of their financial futures. 

Regina has written a new book on the topic. Its called : “Super Woman Wealth: How to Become Your Own Financial Hero.”



  1. The Power of Kitchen Table Conversations: How open discussions about money can strengthen your relationships and transform your family’s financial well-being.
  2. Breaking Down Barriers: Regina shares strategies for overcoming the fear and taboos surrounding money, especially for women.
  3. Taking Charge of Your Financial Health: Regina’s “one-third rule” and other practical tips for saving, investing, and building confidence in your financial decisions.

Whether you’re just starting your financial journey, looking for a fresh perspective, or maybe navigating the financial challenges and uncertainty around a potential career or life pivot, Regina’s wisdom and real-world advice is useful and empowering. And I think you’ll love it! 


Regina’s book: “Super Woman Wealth: How to Become Your Own Financial Hero”

My conversation with Regina on her podcast “Women and Wealth”


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