291. Why you don’t need all the answers to take the first step with Lilley Line Founder Stephanie Lilley

With Stephanie Lilley
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Episode 291: Why you don’t need all the answers to take the first step with Lilley Line founder Stephanie Lilley

Guest: Stephanie Lilley, Founder & CEO, The Lilley Line

This Week’s Topic:

Feel the fear and do it anyway! Let Stephanie Lilley’s story inspire you to stop overthinking and start taking action, even if you don’t have all the answers (because who does?).

From lawyer to education advocate to farmer’s market vendor to Oprah’s Favorite Things List, Stephanie’s journey is proof that passion, guts, and a willingness to learn (and to ask for help) can be your best business plan.

Key Takeaways:

  • Just start: Why “perfect” is the enemy of “progress,” and why that very first step is the most important.
  • Don’t let perfect planning paralyze you: Success requires making mistakes, embracing them as lessons, and moving forward stronger.
  • Problem-solving with impact: How focusing on a real need (and not a business plan) can lead to surprising opportunities.
  • Reach out, build community: The importance of mentorship, asking for help, and connecting with others on similar entrepreneurial paths.
  • The beauty behind the bag: Learn the story of how The Lilly Line empowers artisans while offering beautiful, practical, hand-woven products.



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