290. How to manage your energy to maximize your productivity with Google Productivity Pro Laura Mae Martin

With Laura Mae Martin
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290. How to manage your energy to maximize your productivity

Guest: Laura Mae Martin, Google’s productivity expert and author of “Uptime: A Practical Guide to Personal Productivity and Wellbeing”


How many times have you said to yourself, “My email inbox is out of control, but to deal with it would take an endless amount of time!” I’ve certainly said that. In fact, my email problem has been building for well over a decade. The more those unopened, unread, un-responded to emails pile up the more overwhelmed it makes us feel. That overwhelmed feeling can distract us and shift our focus from what matters, while also causing us to miss all sorts of great opportunities.

This problem has only grown worse as most of us are also now monitoring messaging functions in other apps.

For the purposes of today’s conversation, email is only one small part. The bigger theme is how learning to manage all of those pesky to dos — like email — in ways that leverage our natural energy flows, can help us create a more productive and happy existence as well as give us more time for our highest priorities.

THIS WEEK’S GUEST:  Laura Mae Martin is Google’s productivity expert and the author of “Uptime: A practical guide to personal productivity and wellbeing.”

Laura has spent the past 13 years building strategies and tools to help Google execs be their most productive and she’s sharing these thoughtful, down-to-earth approaches with us. Laura is also the mother of three young children under age 5.


This isn’t just a conversation about email — we also talk about:

  • How Laura ended up Google’s productivity guru when she started out in sales.
  • How to use zero-based calendaring.
  • Why you should consider grouping your to dos together.
  • Why weekly and daily themes can be helpful for structuring your days and weeks.
  • How you can rethink “urgent” and build “urgent” time into your day.
  • Why managing your energy flow is key to your most productive self.
  • And, of course, email tips!



Laura’s book: “Uptime: A practical guide to personal productivity and wellbeing.”

Laura’s website where you’ll find helpful downloadables 

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