289. Learning to listen to the voice who knows you best with guest Kendra Bracken Ferguson

With Kendra Bracken-Ferguson
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Episode 289: Learning to Listen to the voice who knows you best

Guest: Kendra Bracken-Ferguson 


Have you ever found yourself navigating a difficult project, or situation in your business that leaves you to question whether you should stay the course or just pivot? I feel confident this is something you’ve faced. The real question is, how did you decide? What was the process you used to determine whether difficult and hard were actually “too difficult and too hard” and not worth the continued sacrifice and struggle. 

Not all challenges are created equal. Determining which ones are worth fighting for requires particular tools that can help you determine how the particular struggle aligns with other core values and goals. This is one of my favorite parts of this week’s conversation. I think you’ll love it, and this week’s guest too!


Kendra Bracken Ferguson is an internationally acclaimed thought leader, founder, venture capitalist, and CEO of the BrainTrust. She is also the author of a terric book called “The Beauty of Success: Start, Grow and Accelerate Your Brand.” Kendra is also the host of the “Business of the Beat” podcast, and she is one of the first Black women to raise more than $1 million in investment for her debut company. 

While her career started in public relations, she found her way to investing and to offering her high profile client base (think Halle Barry, Drew Barrymore, Gabrielle Union, L’Oreal, and Under Armour) a unique set of brand defining offerings and investment opportunities. 


  • How Kendra learned to lean in to opportunity. 
  • How her early career experiences informed the investment and brand work she does today.
  • How Faith informs Kendra’s pivots and priorities.
  • Kendra shares her 5 core pillars for alignment and decision making.
  • She also uses her core pillars as journal prompts! Love that!!
  • Why Kendra advises that we have to be careful that “research” isn’t actually an act of comparison (researching the competition is important, but losing sight of our own unique value proposition isn’t). 
  • How to know when difficult is actually too difficult and means it’s time to pivot. 
  • Learning to reframe “difficult”

This conversation is part of our third collaboration series with the creative entrepreneur network The Southern C. 

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Kendra Bracken-Ferguson

Kendra’s book: “The Beauty of Success: Start, Grow and Accelerate Your Brand”

The Southern Coterie

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