288. How to craft your personal brand narrative with Aliza Licht

With Aliza Licht
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Show Notes

Episode 288: How to craft your personal brand narrative with Aliza Licht 


Building and sustaining influence in your career requires a number of important investments. One of the most significant investments is crafting a brand narrative that supports what you do, and how you want people to think about your work. In the words of this week’s guest, “when we don’t do this effectively and reinforce that message over, and over, and over, others will fill in the blanks.” But, they may not fill in the blanks accurately or in the way we would hope. 


Aliza Licht is an award-winning marketing executive, 2x best-selling author (“Leave Your Mark” and “On Brand”), and the original fashion influencer DKNY PR Girl. When most people were just beginning to understand the power and impact of social media, Aliza under her pseudonym had already racked up almost 400k followers on Twitter. 

Today, Aliza is the founder of Leave Your Mark, a multimedia brand and consultancy. She advises businesses and individuals on brand building by leveraging more than two decades of expertise in marketing, communications, and digital strategy in the fashion industry. 


  • How Aliza became DKNY PR Girl.
  • Why leveraging your company’s brand or boss’ brand only takes you so far.
  • Why building your own brand equity matters. 
  • How to navigate a side-hustle so that it can lay the groundwork for your career pivot. 
  • How Aliza’s public “failure” helped her recalibrate the public persona of her brand. 
  • The first step to navigating your brand pivot. 
  • How to prioritize which platforms to use to build your brand.
  • Ways to sustain your brand once you’ve built it. 
  • The power of Karma when promoting yourself. 

This conversation is part of our third collaboration series with the creative entrepreneur network The Southern C. 

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Aliza Licht 

Order Aliza’s latest book: “On Brand” — just released in paperback this week! 

Order Aliza’s first book: “Leave Your Mark” by Aliza Licht

Aliza’s “Leave Your Mark” podcast https://link.chtbl.com/xo5hfVtv

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