287. How being open to possibility paved the way for an unexpected brand pivot with Printfresh cofounder Amy Voloshin

With Amy Voloshin
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Show Notes

Episode 287: How being open to possibility paved the way for an unexpected brand pivot and great success

Guest: Amy Voloshin, cofounder, Printfresh


Ever find yourself headed down one path only to find that all your experiences and training have led you somewhere very different and even better than you might have imagined?

That’s one of my favorite parts of Printfresh founder Amy Voloshin’s story. Her experience and training in textile design ultimately paved the way for her business Printfresh, and the vibrant, playful sleepwear aesthetic for which she and her brand are known. But, that’s not exactly where she started!

Would Amy’s evolution into sleepwear, and now apparel have been as successful without those early career experiences she talks about in this episode? Probably not. The key here is how she was willing to remain open to possibilities that she hadn’t originally considered.


Amy Voloshin, along with her cofounder and husband Leo, created Printfresh in 2017 and launched into sleepwear. While they have continued to grow and evolve the business, their bread and butter continues to be the colorful loungewear aesthetic that leaves one wanting to stay in their pjs well after breakfast!

Printfresh has twice received the Inner City 100 Business Growth Award, and Amy was part of Goldman Sachs’s 10k Small Businesses Program.

Amy studied textile design at the Rhode Island School of Design. She, Leo and their two children live in Philadelphia, where Printfresh is headquartered.


  • How Amy and her cofounder created the brand we now know as Printfresh.
  • Why she evolved Printfresh from a B2B to a B2C business.
  • How the pandemic ultimately provided a major boost to the business.
  • The importance of leaning into core values even when they are an investment, specifically size inclusivity and sustainability.
  • Amy’s thoughts on collaborations and picking the right partners.
  • Amy’s perspective on prioritization and balancing the need for creativity against brand consistency.

This conversation is part of our third collaboration series with the creative entrepreneur network The Southern C.

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