286. How intention and a Travel Joy List can help you maximize vacation memories

With Laura Cox Kaplan
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Show Notes

Episode 286: How intention and a “Travel Joy List” can help you maximize vacation memories


Ever feel overwhelmed by the mix of emotion at the end of a vacation or family trip? Or, maybe you find that all those incredible memories you made begin to fade much too quickly?

Making lasting memories is an important part of recharging, but getting the most from these experiences can require setting some intentions. 

This week, as I sort through the physical (and emotional) baggage at the end of our family Spring Break trip to Europe, I wanted to share a few strategies that I’ve found valuable that might work well for you.  



Why it’s valuable to be intentional about your vacation downtime during the trip. 

The value of organizing your photos, notes, and thoughts each day v. waiting until the end of your trip. 

How to organize your photos on your phone. 

Tips on making sure you capture a range of photo images. 

How a “Travel Joy List” can help you build core memories, and why it’s a wonderful souvenir to give yourself after a trip. 


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