285. Building a community that connects, collaborates, and creates together! The Southern C cofounders Cheri Leavy and Whitney Long

With Cheri Leavy and Whitney Wise Long
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Show Notes

SHOW NOTES Episode 285: Building a community that connects, collaborates and creates together!

Guests: The Southern C Founders Cheri Leavy and Whitney Long 


Ever find that when someone in your network says “You would be so great at that,” or maybe when they suggest an opportunity for you, their vote of support can supercharge your confidence? 

I’ve benefited from that type of encouragement more times than I can count. It’s a powerful gift for both the giver and the receiver! 

That is one of many reasons why it can be so critical to build a strong support network and community. 

This week, we dig into why building and being part of a community can create significant momentum for your business, why it can be a vital component for problem solving and shared learning, and of course how it can result in mutually beneficial collaborations. The benefits don’t stop there. The connections we create through shared community are a vital part of the human experience. We’re likely to live longer and experience much deeper levels of happiness, gratitude and ultimately success — however we define it — when we are intentional about community. 

THIS WEEK’S GUESTS:  I’m joined by my two wonderful friends Cheri Leavy and Whitney Long. Cheri and Whitney are the co-founders of The Southern C, a network for creative entrepreneurs and a collaboration partner of mine for the past three years! 

These two amazing women saw a need they and other entrepreneurs were experiencing, and sprang into action to fill it. Today, the Southern C provides support, education, connection, and endless opportunities to collaborate for creative entrepreneurs. 

If you’ve been listening to She Said/She Said Podcast for a while, you’ve heard from some of the women who are part of The Southern C network. Their stories, advice, and perspective are a big part of what makes The Southern C such a special organization.  Today, you’ll hear directly from the group’s founders!


  • How Cheri and Whitney built The Southern C
  • What makes this particular network so unique 
  • What they have learned over the past 11 years
  • How they have deployed their own transferable skills into creating and building The Southern C
  • Some great examples of The Southern C at work!

There is so much great advice and perspective in this episode, and I’m excited to hear your feedback. You can reach me via the link in the show notes which you’ll find here in Episode 285: shesaidshesaidpodcast.com .  Or, email me: info@shesaid.media

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