283. How to create a uniquely special customer experience with The Colony Hotel’s Sarah Wetenhall

With Sarah Wetenhall
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Episode 283: How to create a uniquely special customer experience with The Colony Hotel’s Sarah Wetenhall

Guest: Sarah Wetenhall, CEO + Co-owner The Colony Hotel Palm Beach


Creating a unique experience for your customer or client is often what separates the most successful brands from their competition. That’s also true as it relates to our personal brands. What are those unique aspects of your story, your values, your experiences that come together to create your own one of a kind brand? And, what is the discipline required to make sure your potential customer understands who you are and what you stand for? 

As part of our third collaboration series with the creative entrepreneur network The Southern C, we’re diving into the most important elements of building a strong and unique brand, and how doing so can be an important element in creating and building our influence.  

ABOUT THIS WEEK’S GUEST: Sarah Wetenhall is the award-winning, CEO + Co-owner of The Colony Hotel Palm Beach, and the visionary behind Palm Beach’s historic Pink Paradise. A former public relations and marketing exec at major fashion houses including Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, and Hugo Boss, Sarah’s pivot to hotelier came following an almost decade-long break to raise her three children. Guided by decades of time spent in Palm Beach and an acute attention to detail, she created a stylish, multi-generational pink oasis that preserved the property’s storied history and engages visitors with a vibrant and refreshed luxury experience. She was recently named one of Hotel Magazine’s Top Ten Independent Hoteliers. 


  • How Sarah found her way to The Colony.
  • How she took what she learned from major fashion houses about building a unique brand and deployed that knowledge in revitalizing The Colony.
  • How Sarah tackled aspects of revitalizing The Colony that were entirely new to her.
  • Sarah’s advice for developing a mission statement to guide your brand and all the decisions that will follow. 

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