280. Unleashing the Power of Collaboration: Weaving empathy and compassion into your brand with Fanm Mon Founder Sophia Demirtas!

With Sophia Demirtas
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Episode 280: How to weave the power of collaboration into your brand

Guest: Sophia Demirtas, founder of fashion design house Fanm Mon


When we allow ourselves to think broadly, and to ignore tendencies toward comparison, it can enhance our ability to create, and can help us do so in bigger and bolder ways.

As we kick off our third collaboration series with the creative entrepreneur network The Southern Coterie, it’s fitting that we kick off the series with an entrepreneur whose approach to collaboration is deeply embedded in her past career as a social worker, as well as in her rich Haitian heritage.

When collaborations don’t work, it may be because they simply aren’t a good fit. But, it’s also possible that one side –or both — may be missing an other-oriented approach that is rooted in empathy. 

ABOUT THIS WEEK’S GUEST: Sophia Demirtas is the founder of Turkish-based fashion house Fanm Mon. Fanm Mon is known for its gorgeous embroidery, made-to-order designs, and attention to special details that are a nod to Sophia’s Haitian heritage. But Sophia’s career didn’t begin in fashion. It’s that interesting detail that informs how she approaches the many collaborations she and her company are engaged in, and also how she manages her team. 


  • How Sophia built Fanm Mon.
  • Sophia’s philosophy behind the brand.
  • Her path to becoming a fashion entrepreneur.
  • Why she embraced a made-to-order model. 
  • How she approaches collaborations with other brands.
  • The challenges of building a brand in a country that is new to you.
  • Scaling the brand.
  • Different approaches to collaborations with other brands and with influencers.

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About Fanm Mon

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